We are Binzhou Double Peaks

Who we are

Binzhou Double peaks graphite sealing materials Co., Ltd. (formerly Shandong Binzhou Flexible Graphite Sealing Components Factory) was found in 1972. It is a hi-tech enterprise of provincial level and located in the new and developing city of Binzhou, in the Yellow River Delta.It covers an area of 63,500 square meters.

The company introduces and absorb advanced technology and equipment from home and abroad, it occupies the leading position in the Chinese graphite sealing industry in production capacity, technical level, product quality, developing and exploring of new products. The company obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate relatively early among the sealing material companies, and at present it is one of the biggest production base of flexible graphite rolls(sheets) in Asia with 1500 tons of annual production capacity.

The company registered trademark is Double Peaks™. The main products include: flexible graphite roll & sheets, graphite tapes, graphite yarn, graphite braided packing, graphite packing ring, spiral wound gasket, metal jacketed gasket, composite graphite sheet reinforced with metal, composite graphite gasket, auto-parts(adapter ring, flange, sealing components) etc. The products are widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, automobile industry, ship and value industry, and form a complete set for large enterprises, such as: China Petrochemical Corporation, Petrochina Company Limited, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Guang Dong Nuclear Power Group. China Huaneng Group, China Datang Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, China Power Investment Corp. China FAW Group Corporation, Dong Feng Motor Corp and the Petroleum Corporation. The product enjoy high reputation in Chinese market and is also exported to other countries and regions, such as USA, Japan, Korea, Europe and Southeast Asia etc.

The aim of the company is: "Quality First, Clients first, Double peaks™ brand lives together with quality." Raise our staffs' quality consciously, adopt advanced technical standards, meet customers' requirements with high-quality products and providing best service is our continuous goal.

Manager Speech

Greetings, friends from around the world! From now on, you will come to terms with Double Peaks and grow together! The company will provide you with opportunities for growth and space for development. You will fully share your knowledge and talents and integrate into this extended family as quickly as possible. At the same time, thanks to the employees who have already worked in the company, many of you, for the sake of the company's development, work hard and practically, it is because of everyone's unity, progress and hard work that made what our company is today. The effects of all our employees are the cornerstone of the company's continued rapid development. Double Peaks graphite has changed for the better because of you.

The relationship between the company and its employees is interdependent: Without the hard work of all employees, the company cannot continue to develop; if the company cannot continue to develop, it will not be possible to provide employees with opportunities for development. We will strive to further develop the business and emphasize the people-oriented management philosophy. At the same time, we also require employees to always remember their company identity. Every job has a direct bearing on the prosperity and decline of the company. The company's system and regulations require everyone to consciously comply with the implementation. We can't have any words and deeds against the interests of the company. This is a basic professional ethics requirement. The company is systematically carrying out business reforms, managing innovations, and reintegrating our corporate culture. Please actively participate in the company. Only participation can better understand, and only understanding can reach consensus. With the efforts of all employees, the company will gradually approach our goal, and every employee will grow rapidly in a constantly advancing modern enterprise!

This "Manual" is the basic code of conduct for Double Peaks Graphite employees. It is based on relevant laws and regulations and is based on the actual situation of the company. You should memorize the contents of the Manual and consciously follow it. The company wholeheartedly hopes that you will remember your rights, duties and responsibilities, love the motherland, be loyal to your company, fulfill your duties, and share the same fate with your company.

Organizational Chart