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Jul 08, 2020

In July, the “nuclear-grade graphite sealing gasket” jointly researched and developed by the Second Research and Design Institute of the Nuclear Industry passed the inspection of the National Defense Engineering Office, laying a solid foundation for nuclear power products. In the same year, supplying Fangjiashan and Fuqing nuclear power plants with meter flange seal gaskets.

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Jan 19, 1980

Double Peaks is first company in China to develop and produce flexible graphite seals, used in power, oil refining, chemical, military, and other industries, a pioneer of new sealing materials in China.

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Jan 19, 1986

First Chinese company to introduce Japan’s flexible graphite sheet production line, this enabled China’s flexible graphite sealing material manufacturing to be among the international elite.

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Jan 19, 1993

China’s First Ministry of Machinery Industry organized domestic experts to manage foreign materials at the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station. Our company is responsible for data collection and transformation of sealing materials, opening the door for nuclear power to our company.

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Jan 19, 1995

The “Nuclear-grade valve packing and gasket” project developed in cooperation with the Shanghai Nuclear Industry Institute and the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant passed inspection and acceptance and filled the void of the domestic-made nuclear power seals. The “Double Peaks” brand nuclear-series sealing products were widely used in Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, and were widely adopted by the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Tianwan Nuclear Power Station, and Nanjing Chenguang.

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Jan 19, 1996

The company introduced automatic winding machines with advanced international standards from Italy, which has made it possible to produce high-quality spiral wound gaskets within China.

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Jan 19, 1997

Our self-developed flexible graphite sheet production line has been successfully tested, major performance indicators have shown to match or exceed the level of the imported production line.

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Jan 19, 1998

Since the introduction of internationally advanced automatic winding machines and fully automatic filling machines from Europe, our company’s nuclear level sealing products have been synchronised with the rest of world.

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Jan 19, 1999

The successful test of the second self-built flexible graphite production line made the thickness of the flexible graphite sheets 3.0mm.

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Jan 19, 2000

We purchased several advanced inspection instruments from abroad to ensure that our physical and chemical indicators and sealing performance are fully controlled.

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Jan 19, 2001

Successfully tested and manufactured anti-oxidation graphite plates and corrosion-inhibiting graphite plates, filling a gap for graphite products in China.

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Jan 19, 2002

The self-developed localized automatic winding machine has been successfully tested. At the same time, various types of anti-corrosion gaskets and packing for valves have been successfully tested, major breakthroughs in corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, filling the gaps in high-end sealing of graphite products in China.

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Jan 19, 2003

The introduction of international advanced level sheet metal mold sprints made the quality level of graphite metal composites for automotive gaskets in line with the rest of the world.

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Jan 19, 2004

我公司自制的第三条柔性石墨生产线试车成功,使柔性石墨板材宽度一次成形1500mm。 The successful test of the third self-developed flexible graphite production line made the width of the flexible graphite sheets 1500mm.

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Jan 19, 2005

We purchased 6 sets of precision testing equipment abroad to make the company’s testing equipment more complete. The testing standards are in line with international standards and test results are more accurate.

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Jan 19, 2006

Purchased precision equipment such as small hole machines makes it possible to independently develop molds.

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Jan 19, 2007

Completed the development of a continuous production line of flexible graphite reinforced plates.

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Jan 19, 2008

Flexible graphite plates and seals are managed using ROHS standards; environmentally friendly adhesives are used.

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Jan 19, 2010


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Jan 19, 2012

Joint with Taishan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. to carry out domestic alternative projects for nuclear grade graphite packing, and it will be supplied in volume in 2013. In the same year, China University of Petroleum (East China) established a teaching practice base at our company.

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Jan 19, 2014

Reached an agreement with the Third Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant to replace imported graphite gaskets and packings, which provided a strong guarantee for the operation of nuclear power plants.

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Jan 19, 2015

Awarded the Binzhou Nuclear Seal Engineering Technology Research Center.

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Jan 19, 2017

Research and development of steam thermal cycle testing machine and static seal intelligent detection system.

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