Hualong Demonstration Project Fu 5 unit internal structure construction is complete


On May 3, the construction of the civil structure of the internal structure of the reactor building of Huaqing No. 1 Demonstration Project No. 5 Unit was completed, which created favorable conditions for the realization of the important nodes for the subsequent hoisting of the No. 5 unit dome and the smooth introduction and installation of the main equipment.

Fuqing Nuclear Power Construction site construction of various units of continuous construction, to overcome the adverse effects of holidays, suspension, design changes and other unfavorable factors, and timely realization of the “roof hanging special plan” in the relevant goals.

On the same day, on April 19, the first siding of the steel lining of Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit No. 6 was successfully hoisted, marking the start of the assembly of the steel lining on the top of the unit.

The steel lining of the dome is an important part of the nuclear island reactor containment. It is located at the top of the reactor building of the nuclear island. The steel lining of the dome is a hemispherical structure with a diameter of 46.8 meters. There are 422 anchors on the dome, which make assembly difficult and quality requirements. high. The assembly of Unit No. 6 steel dome lining started smoothly. It not only met the requirements of the No. 3 unit three-level integration plan, but also successfully completed the assessment of the company’s company and opened a good head for the hoisting of the No. 6 unit.