Graphite braided packing

General Features

A braided graphite fiber is filled in the sealed cavity to block the leakage path and seal. Often used with graphite rings. Good self-lubricating and thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, good flexibility, good strength, good resistance to media erosion.

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Product Category

RBT–non-metallic fiber reinforced flexible graphite braided filler
RBTN–Internal non-metallic and metal-reinforced flexible graphite woven filler
RBTW – External Metal Reinforced Flexible Graphite Woven Filler
RBTH–Flexible Graphite Woven Filler Moulding Ring


Can be used for boiling water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange liquid, oil, acid and alkali, hydrogen, ammonia, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids and other media. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, paper and other industries of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, valves, pipes and other seals.

Transportation and Storage

Prevent rain and moisture during transportation.
Should be stored in a clean, dry warehouse.

The sealing principle

The reason why woven packing can play a role in sealing is mainly the bearing effect and the labyrinth effect.
The bearing effect of braided packing means that a layer of liquid film is formed between the braided packing and the shaft due to the tension, so that the braided packing and the shaft form a similar relationship to the sliding bearing so that the braided packing and the shaft are not excessively rubbed. And wear occurs.
The labyrinth effect of braided packing means that the surface of the shaft is virtually always uneven, and the packing and the shaft can only partially fit and do not completely fit together. There is always an extreme between the braided packing and the shaft. With tiny gaps, these gaps form labyrinth belts in which the medium is throttled several times to achieve sealing.

Main products

DP2111Glass fiber reinforced graphite packingDP2134External 304 stainless steel wire graphite braided packing
DP2112Glass +304 Stainless Steel Wire Reinforced Graphite PackingDP2135External 304 stainless steel wire graphite braided packing
DP2113Glass +316 Stainless Steel Wire Reinforced Graphite PackingDP2136External braided nickel alloy wire graphite braided packing
DP2114Glass Fiber + Inconel Wire Reinforced Graphite PackingDP2141carbon fiber braided packing
DP2115Glass fiber + copper wire reinforced graphite packingDP2142carbon fiber packing
DP2131External 304 stainless steel wire + glass fiber reinforced graphite braided packingDP2151Aramid Fiber Packing
DP2132External 316 stainless steel wire + glass fiber reinforced graphite braided packingDP2171PTFE braided packing
DP2133External braided nickel alloy wire + glass fiber reinforced graphite braided packingDP2172graphite PTFE packing


Flexible graphite braided packing should have a well-proportioned pattern, a smooth surface, no exposed threads, no particulate matter or foreign matter, and flexible graphite braided fillers
Molded press rings should have no delamination, flat interfaces, no looseness, and clean surfaces with no impurities.

Dimensional Deviation

Flexible graphite braided packing cross-sectional dimension limit deviation unit:mm

Side length of cross sectionL<6.06.0≤l≤15.06.0≤l≤15.0L≥25.0
Limit deviation±0.4±0.8±1.2±1.6

Flexible Graphite Braid Filler Molded Ring Size Limit Deviation Unit: mm

Outer diameter DDiameter limit deviationOD deviation limitthickness limit deviation
D≤25+0.25 00 -0.25±0.50
25<D≤100+0.38 00 -0.38±0.75
100<D≤200+0.60 00 -0.60±1.0
D>200+1.0 00 -1.0±1.2


Apparent densityg/cm30.8-1.50.9~1.61.1~1.81.2~2.2
Sulfur content*ug/g≤1500≤1500≤1500
Thermal weight loss%≤17(450°C)≤20 (600°C)≤20 (600°C)
Compression ratio%≥25≥20≥20≥10
Rebound rate%≥10≥12≥15≥20
*When the sulfur content is measured, the reinforcing material should be removed before testing


Appearance was visually inspected.
Flexible graphite woven filler dimensional deviation, apparent density, 450 °C thermal weight loss, compression rate, rebound rate test according to JB/T 6620.
Flexible graphite braided fillers The 600 °C thermal weight loss test was carried out according to JB/T 6620. The test temperature was (600 ± 10) °C.
Sulfur content inspection of flexible graphite woven packings is carried out according to GB/T24526.
The dimensional deviation, apparent density, compressibility, and rebound rate of the molded rings of flexible graphite braided packings were measured in accordance with JB/T 6370.