Graphite composite gasket

General Features

The graphite composite gasket is cut from the graphite composite plate. It is thermally stable, self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, radiation-resistant, non-aging, and brittle. It can be used stably for a long time under harsh working conditions.

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Product Specifications

Nominal diameter:φ20~φ2100mm


Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, gas, nuclear, aerospace, textile, metallurgy, marine, machinery and other industrial equipment flanges, valves, reactors, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, power generation Machine, air compressor, exhaust pipe, refrigerator, etc.


Working temperature: -200°C~600°C
Working pressure: ≤11MPa

Technical Parameters

Sprint Panel CompositeSlab Composite
Compressibility (%)15~3535-55
Rebound rate (%)≥20≥10
Temperature loss (%)450°C≤1.0≤1.0
Absorption (%)0# diesel≤20
20th mechanical lubricant≤20
Leakage Rate (cm3/s)≤1.0×10-3
Note: Graphite density after composite is 1.0-1.3g/cm3

Main products

DP3201Stainless steel 316/0.1mm smash graphite composite matDP3231Normal carbon steel 0.2~0.25mm smash graphite composite mat
DP3202Stainless steel 304/0.1mm spur graphite composite matDP3241Metal mesh reinforced graphite composite mat
DP3203Stainless Steel 316/0.05mm Graphite Composite PadDP3251Glass fiber reinforced graphite composite mat
DP3204Stainless steel 304/0.05mm flat graphite composite matDP3261Polyester film reinforced graphite composite mat
DP32210.2~0.25mm smashed graphite composite mat for tin plateDP3271Wire reinforced graphite composite mat

thickness deviation

Unit: mm

SpecificationsThicknessLimit deviationDifference in thickness of the same sheet