Nuclear Grade Gasket Classification

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Nuclear Grade Gasket Classification

encodingProduct NameencodingProduct Name
DP1106Nuclear Grade Graphite Coil/PlateDP3200NNuclear Grade Graphite Composite Gasket
DP1200NNuclear Grade Graphite StripsDP3400NNuclear grade metal spacer
DP2000NNuclear Grade Graphite FillerDP3520NNuclear-grade PTFE gaskets
DP3000NNuclear-Grade Graphite WrapsDP3540NNuclear grade non-asbestos gasket
DP3100NNuclear Grade Graphite Wound GasketDP3660NNuclear Grade Graphite Gaskets

Nuclear Grade Gasket Applications

ClassificationUse CaseUseful range
DP2200Ngraphite filler ringWorking pressure≤43.1MPa Mainly used for seals in petroleum, chemical, thermoelectric, nuclear power and general industrial valve pumps, expansion joints and other parts. It is used in stem sealing of low leakage rate shut-off valves, isolation valves and regulating valves of nuclear power plants. The two are often used in combination.
DP2300N Disk RootsWorking temperature-200-650°C
DP3100NGraphite Spiral Wound GasketWorking pressure≤42MPa Mainly used for sealing of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, pipe flanges, etc. Nuclear power plants are used to seal 1, 2 and 3 safety grade industrial and instrument pipeline flanges and valve bodies of nuclear steam supply systems.
Working temperature-200-650°C
DP3200NGraphite reinforced gasketsWorking pressure≤20MPa Mainly used for processing into high-strength gaskets, cylinder gaskets, intake and exhaust pipe gaskets. Applicable to acid, alkali, steam, various solvents and oils and other media.
Working temperature-200-650°C
DP3400NMetal GasketWorking pressure2.0-42MPa is usually applied to high pressure steam, gas, solvent and other devices such as high pressure vessels, high pressure valves, etc.
DP3520NPTFE gasketWorking pressure2.0-6.3MPa Widely used in petroleum, chemical, thermal, gas, nuclear energy, aerospace, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries, equipment, process piping and other static sealing parts.
Working temperature≤260°C
DP3660NNuclear Grade Graphite GasketsWorking pressure150-2500LB1,2,3 Safety Level Process, Instrumentation Line Flanges, Valve Body Seals, and Evaporator Primary and Secondary Sides and Regulator Manholes or Hand Hole Flanges for Nuclear Steam Systems seal.
Working temperature≤650°C